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OsiriX PRO Workshops at ECR 2010 in Vienna, Austria: Excellency in Radiology

At ECR 2010, aycan Medical Systems, together with the European Society of Radiology(ESR), we provide 4 days of OsiriX Workshops.

The workshops are equipped with the latest Apple iMac workstations allowing partipants to actively engage in hands-on training.

There will be 4 sessions per day for both beginners and advanced users and active OsiriX users will present best-practices.




  • Import / Export
  • 2D-Viewer
  • Reviewing
  • Thickslab / MPR / MIP
  • OsiriX Mobile with iPhone

Advanced Users:

  • 3D Volume Rendering
  • Segmentation
  • Bone Removal
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Fusion

Download the agenda and further information as a PDF.